Learn Hypnobirthing for a calmer, more comfortable birth

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At BirthSense we have supported hundreds of women and their partners in the last 10 years through pregnancy, birth and beyond and, in our experience, a little bit of preparation can go a very long way. We know that when women arm themselves with the right skills, the right knowledge and the right support, they can dramatically improve their chances of having a positive birth experience. You might just be surprised to learn how much you can do to drive the course of your birth!






But what is a positive birth experience anyway?


Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as the ‘right way’ to give birth. When we talk about a positive birth experience, we are talking about one where you feel calm, comfortable, relaxed, informed, empowered and fully in control. Whether you are planning a birth at home or in the hospital, with or without medical intervention – we can help you to feel fully prepared, supported and confident as you approach the big day! 


How can we help?

At Birthsense we pride ourselves on being specialists in our field. Our birth preparation courses are the longest running in the region and continue to grow in popularity. We believe that our success is rooted in two things that make us stand out…

Firstly, only birth professionals are permitted to teach our courses. This means that you can always be sure that your teacher is someone who actively attends births and has first-hand experience of the hypnobirthing techniques and active birth methods that we teach.


Secondly, we take a holistic approach to antenatal education. We recognise that birth is a psychological, neurological and physiological event and understand how both mind and body can work in harmony to help you have a more straightforward birth. Hypnobirthing classes are fantastic tool that can help you to let go of unnecessary fear and anxiety and teach you how to relax deeply, but a first-class antenatal course should do more than that. That’s why we want to arm you with ALL the information and skills you need to ensure that you are totally prepared for a positive birth experience.  So, when you sign up for one of our courses you can be confident that our complete, one-stop birth preparation course offers you the very best in antenatal education.



We offer a range of different options, from group hypnobirthing classes in a variety of locations, to one to one sessions or full doula support. Check out our servicesbook now, or get in touch!