Birth Trauma Resolution

It can be difficult trying to prepare for a positive birth following a previously traumatic experience. Learn how we can help you to resolve your trauma with the 3 Step Rewind Technique

We know that fear impacts birth and this can be more difficult to overcome for a woman who has experienced previous birth trauma.

Often it can help to sit down with an experienced birth professional and tell your story. We can help you de-brief the experience, why events may have transpired the way they did and what led you to feel badly about what happened.

When a de-brief is not enough to resolve the trauma you feel, we can offer a therapy called The 3 Step Rewind Technique for Birth Trauma. This safe, natural and highly effective treatment uses deep relaxation and a specific visualisation to ease the symptoms of PTSD.


Please contact us if you have unresolved feelings of trauma relating to a previous birth. Getting the support you need to heal from this experience could make the world of difference to your upcoming one.