Whether you are planning an induction and would like it to be a positive experience, have been told you may need one and would like to know what’s involved, or are hoping to avoid one, we can help you explore and understand this topic in a relaxed and positive manner.We can help you understand everything that is involved in inducing labour and signpost you to studies which will help you to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives so that you can make an informed and confident choice. We won’t ever tell you what to do or give you medical advice, but we can certainly be a sounding board and provide a safe non-judgemental space for you and your partner as you discuss your options, thoughts and feelings around induction.

Natural Methods of induction

If you would like to know about ‘natural’ methods of inducing labour, we can also help you separate the myths from the facts and point you towards the things that might actually help! We can even offer a ‘getting labour started’ session for women over 38 weeks. This two hour session involves a series of gentle stretches, exercises, movements and massage which are designed to help increase space in the pelvis and move baby lower down and into a more optimal position for starting labour. We finish with a gentle relaxation designed to help release any stress hormones which may be inhibiting labour and boost oxytocin levels. This session is non-invasive and will not make you go into labour if your body and your baby are not ready to do so. However, it can help to remove some of the factors which can slow things down or prevent labour from starting.Contact us to find out more!
Tracy Sealey

Tracy Sealey

What Does a Doula Do? Doulas provide practical, emotional and educational support to families during pregnancy, during labour and birth and in the early hours, days and weeks after their baby is born. It’s like hiring someone to be your big sister, if your big sister had been to loads

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