Tracy Sealey

Hi, I’m Tracy, the director here at Birthsense. I first became aware of hypnobirthing back in 2010 when I attended the most wonderfully calm and beautiful birth I had ever seen. The mum (who happened to be my sister) was using hypnobirthing techniques and, to my amazement, didn’t appear to be experiencing much pain or difficulty at all as she breathed her baby into the world like it was nothing! Until then I had been somewhat dismissive of the method; assuming it was a bit of a ‘hippy’ thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I eventually decided to train as a practitioner myself and, in 2015 began teaching with BirthSense.

In 2016 (after a number of requests from my students) I decided to train as a doula and immediately began supporting couples at their births. I learnt that there is a world of difference between hypnobirthing theory and practice. Seeing how the techniques I was teaching actually worked during my client’s births, figuring out what worked well, what didn’t work so well and how they could be improved, completely transformed my entire approach. I decided to do further training in the practice of clinical hypnotism and began developing my own techniques, scripts and recordings. I’m fascinated by the power of this incredible tool to positively impact on women’s birth experiences and now run training courses for other doulas and midwives to help them understand how they can bring it into their own practice.